Spotlight Nairobi workshops 2020 postponed

Regrettably, I have decided to cancel the Spotlight Nairobi workshops scheduled for October 2020.

There are unfortunately still restrictions in place for over-border travel from many African countries (particularly from South Africa!)

There are also very few scheduled flights from Africa cities to Nairobi which impacts on the ability for exhibitors to fly to Kenya.

While no doubt these travel restrictions will ease soon, I believe that this will not be enough time for exhibitors to plan their travel itineraries to Nairobi.

Spotlight Nairobi workshops are now scheduled for 07, 08 & 09 July 2021 – hopefully by then this pandemic will be over.

In the meantime we are forging ahead with our Spotlight VIRTUAL Travel Expo on September 30th – getting a great response for our special price of only $150/ZAR1950 per exhibitor.

Kind Regards

Derek Houston