Seychelles Grand Prize
Tourism Seychelles Prize of 4 days in the Seychelles

Last week, the spotlight shone brightly on Nairobi as the vibrant East African tourism industry took center stage at the highly anticipated Spotlight Expo Nairobi event. Organized by the renowned travel expert, Derek Houston of Houston Marketing, the two-day live face-to-face workshop was a celebration of regional tourism, with Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa leading the way in revitalizing their travel markets post-pandemic.

The event brought together travel industry professionals from across the region, exhibitors, and notable speakers captivated the audience with insights into the future of travel in East Africa. Focused networking spaces delved into innovative strategies to foster post-pandemic recovery and growth in the sector.

Packed attendance at Spotlight TravelExpo Nairobi
Raffle Prize Giving

Exhibitors eagerly participated for a chance to win exclusive prizes and tickets to breathtaking destinations, adding an element of excitement to the occasion.

KATA Coastal Members Shine

KATA members from the coastal region made their presence felt at Spotlight Nairobi. Their active participation showcased their commitment to driving the growth of East African tourism.

KATA Chairman's Inspirational Words

Dr. Joseph Kithitu urged the travel trade to unite together through KATA to make the association a driving forceĀ in shaping a thriving and united travel industry in Kenya.

Empowering East African Tourism

Spotlight Nairobi Expo’s resounding success stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of our travel industry professionals. KATA members carry the torch of East African tourism’s resurgence, embarking on a journey to unlock boundless possibilities for their businesses and clients alike.

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